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Budget Wand

by Excel4apps

Budget Wand allows Microsoft Excel to be used as the front end to the Oracle e-Business Suite General Ledger Budgeting functionality.

Creating or Edit Budget Models with Budget Wand:

Budget models are Excel workbooks that typically contain a mixture of Actual and Budgets values, formulae and formatting as well as cells for entering new budget values. Actual and Budget values are reported using GL Wand's Get Balance functions and entry cells are linked by the Load Budget function. Budget Wand together with Excel enables flexible user defined layouts containing any combination of Actuals, Budgets, Periods and Books as required.

Load Budget Function within Budget Wand:

Budget collection templates are built around the Load Budget Function, allowing active linking of budget entry cells to a particular budget and account. Once values have been entered they can be submitted for Validation and Upload.

Distribution with Budget Wand:

Budget models can be distributed individually to budget owners for budget entry via email, or mass created and distributed using the included Report Manager Functionality. Budget Wand will support both central and decentralised uploading.

Validate & Upload Range, Sheet or All Workbooks with Budget Wand:

This process validates cells containing Load Budget formulae. Once complete, the user can upload the values into Oracle and automatically initiate the concurrent requests for budget journal upload, or budget value override. The validation process will check and report on the following errors.

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