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CALUMO 11: Business Performance Management (BPM) & Business Intelligence (BI)

by CALUMO Group

For organisations large and small, across government and all industries, world-wide; here are just some of the usage scenarios for CALUMO from our experience with 350+ customers and thousands of projects:

Campaign planning, Production planning, Inventory planning, SLA & Capacity planning, Initiative planning, Capital Project Planning, Driver based planning, Integrated Financial Planning, Workforce Performance
Planning, Expense Planning and Control, Sales planning & forecasting …

Rolling forecasts, Unit volume forecast …

Daily Reporting & Analysis, Operational Reporting & Analysis, Asset Valuation, Central Reporting & Consolidation, Data Consolidation & Reporting, Scorecards/Dashboards, Workflow & Alerts, Consolidation Reporting, Incentive compensation, Pipeline coverage, Senate Reporting …

Full financial analysis – KPI’s, Cash Flow, P&L, Balance Sheet, Portfolio assessment – Divestiture analysis, Complex business development scenarios …

Capital Structure Analysis, Cash flow analysis …

Scenario analysis and comparison, Sensitivity and “what if” analysis – evaluation of alternatives, Contingency planning …

CALUMO 11 can:
- Reduce the amount of time taken to execute the planning, budgeting and reporting cycle by up to 80%;

- Execute on the corporate strategy based on true business insight;

- Make key decisions with instant access to the facts and to ‘one version of the truth’;

- Redeploy staff from low-value to high-value tasks;

- Accurately evaluate performance [supplier performance, customer performance; employees; divisions etc];

- Gain true visibility into production efficiency and product profitability;

- Identify issues and take immediate action; and

- Work the way you want.

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