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CALUMO 11: Business Performance Management (BPM) & Business Intelligence (BI)

by CALUMO Group


CALUMO is a cloud and on premises reporting, analytic, budgeting and forecasting tool that significantly automates the Finance team. CALUMO saves a huge amount of time in the finance team and increases accuracy by over 90% at the same time. Accountants love using CALUMO.

Finance is our founders’ heritage. We understand because we’ve done it. That means we understand the pressure of balancing regulatory requirements with the pressures of controlling the business and still managing to get the job done within the tight deadlines we know you work with.

The founders and senior management of the CALUMO Group are Chartered Accountants and CPA’s with a wealth of practical business experience and an appreciation of the value of an integrated tool that leverages your existing knowledge to allow you to do everything you need to, only more efficiently and with only one version of the truth.

Through its global network, CALUMO delivers superior applications by offering a comprehensive portfolio of consulting, training and support resources to help implement, enhance and extend your Business Intelligence implementation.

Our software is currently used by more than 400 government and corporate entities worldwide.