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CommunityManager.NET: Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS)

by Elcom Technology

CommunityManager.NET has more than 50 modules which will help your organisation harness the power of the internet and work more efficiently. CommunityManager.NET leverages off the efficiencies of the Microsoft .NET platform to deliver a total enterprise content
management and business collaboration tool.


The advantage of CommunityManager.NET is its ability to act as a gateway for your future internet initiatives with stakeholders, trading partners and staff.


Benefits include:

- Improved corporate image via unique modern designs

- Improved client communication through Newsletters, Enquiry and Feedback Forms

- Signifcant cost reductions - world class technology without the expense or support costs of traditional systems

- Flexibility – functionality expands with your organisation

- Self-sufficient content management – without need for technical knowledge

- Secure site areas where authorised users can access confidential information e.g. Board members and project teams

- Enterprise search for files and documents across servers and websites, with the help of synonyms, thesaurus and best bets

- Better organised event management with online calendars and reminders

- Online learning management for multiple locations and remote administration

- Improved collaboration – a feature-rich Intranet for your staff to share human resource, financial, operational and procedural information


With CommunityManager.NET, customers can manage the content of their website, intranet and extranet in a simple intuitive way, ensuring that information is up to date and relevant. Customers can utilise a complete event management system, project management
system, manage and measure marketing through the E-mail marketing module. Other features include Web 2.0 tool such as blogs, wikis and forums. These capabilities result in increased performance and productivity, improved information dissemination and a reduction
in costs.

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