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CRM Attachment Search

by Artis Group

With Dynamics you can easily search records, but can you search the contents of attachments?

You probably store a lot of valuable information attached as Word documents, PDFs and other formats to CRM records. You may attach proposals to opportunities, contracts to Accounts, Resumes to Contacts etc. Unfortunately CRM does not make it easy to search the contents of these documents.

Artis CRM Attachment Search is a simple stand-alone web site that provides a Bing like search facility of as much or as little of your CRM database as you like.

Enter "Visual Studio" and find every resume you've stored containing Visual Studio as a skill set. Complex queries are possible using any SQL Server support search pattern. Results are returned in a user friendly format that is sorted by search result applicability. Direct drill down to the relevant CRM record is fully supported.

Your CRM usability, flexibility and business value will go through the roof with the Artis CRM Attachment Search application.

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