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Deloitte Leadership Academy Connector

by Janison


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Phone: +61 2 6652-9850
Fax: +61 2 66529855

Janison is Australia's leading developer of online learning systems, learning portals and assessment systems.

Our teams work with many leading Australian and international organisations creating, hosting and supporting innovative learning applications.

Our Learning Management System and associated e-learning tools are used by a wide community of users including schools, colleges, universities, RTOs and other organisations.

Our Learning Portals and online courses are innovative and easy to use. Many of our portals support over 100,000 active users and include the Deloitte Leadership Academy, the Education Queensland Learning Place, the Australian Sports Commission Learning Portal and the ACMA Cybersafety Portal.

Our Learning Portals are hosted from our web farm that includes delivery points in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA or by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform service.

Our Assessment systems are based on innovative designs that can incorporate the use of Microsoft Azure to provide massively scalable assessment events. Our assessment systems are used strategically by organisations around the world to deliver assessments to up to 80,000 simultaneous users.