Evolution Business Systems

EBS-Plus SQL Action Pack

by Evolution Business Systems

The EBS-Plus SQL Action Pack is a vital tool which simplifies maintaining and backing up SQL databases. Its user-friendly interface acts as a control panel to your SQL databases, allowing you to perform many functions including:

• Copying Live data to a Test company - with a simple push of a button, you can copy live data to test, rename the test company and remove user access if required - while other users continue to work within the system. Test companies are used for many reasons including training, test transactions and interim accounts.

• Performing a manual backup at any time - This is recommended prior to any major update process to give you extra peace of mind should something go wrong.

• Checking which user/computer is active and what database they have in use from your desktop.

• Disconnecting users from an SQL database.

• Tracking each process run through a recorded audit log. This allows you to check backup history and job status, who ran the process and when.

• Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft SQL, it can also be configured to run any SQL processes that may be required.

• Running custom processes created for your organization For example, that allows you to create a payroll master file extract or update your data from an external file at the push of a button.

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