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Email/Fax Dispatcher solution significantly reduces the time it takes to deliver key documents to customers or vendors. It’s fully integrated into Dynamics NAV, it’s easy to use and it can significantly reduce document delivery costs.

By using this solution the customers enjoy the following benefits:

- Minimize Document Delivery Costs

Printing hardcopies and mailing them is costly and time consuming. This offering gives you the ability to email or fax the documents in PDF format. The Email/Fax Dispatcher can help any organisation cut costs and increase efficiency in their document processing

- Increase Staff Productivity

The business documents can be emailed or faxed with the press of the button. The staff does not need to perform a time consuming manual tasks of mailing or faxing documents. The staff productivity is increased by reducing many time-wasting manual activities.

- Environmental Friendly

No more printing and no more paper. Go paperless gives you the opportunity to save the environment.

- Variety of Business Documents

The most common business documents can be emailed or faxed "out of the box". This includes Sales Documents, Purchase Documents, Customer Statements, Vendor Cheque Remittance Advices and Vendor EFT Remittance Advices.

- Fast Delivery

The documents are sent via email or fax in a timely manner.

- Flexibility

The new business documents can be easily incorporated into the solution. Also the additional attachments (flyers, notices or specials) can be e-mailed or faxed with the business documents together.

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