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eNoteFile: Clinical Notation In A Seamless, Fully Synchronized Environment

by Kiandra IT Pty Ltd

Kiandra originally developed eNoteFile in response to the request to address the clinical notation needs of the Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy sector. However, it quickly became apparent that eNoteFile could be utilized by effectively any notation-based organization, and now over 1000 customers have implemented eNoteFile into their organization to provide synchronized and structured notation for better management of their patients, clients and projects. 

Built using Microsoft's feature-rich Windows Presentation Foundation and utilizing the power of Windows and SQL Server 2008, eNoteFile is a user-oriented platform that securely records, manages, searches and shares detailed notations and related documentation, in an seamlessly online and offline desktop-based environment. 

Customers enjoy the following benefits from using eNoteFile:

- Improved ROI – eNoteFile is low cost per month. While it is optimized for digitizer based PC’s such as tablets, all you need is a PC running Windows Vista or XP and a broadband Internet connection if you wish to synchronize or share your data.

- Access to more information – All information is instantly available anywhere in the world, whether you are online or offline.

- Increased data protection and security – Powerful encryption protects your data and full auditing enables changes to be tracked.  Data is automatically backed up.

- Easy to customize – eNoteFile can be user-tailored to match your organization’s data field, notation categorization and form completion requirements.

- Perform your service anywhere – You always have seamless, secure access to your information, even when working offline.

- With eNoteFile, customers can categorize notations into templates to ensure the relevant notation-base (such as a background body chart) is always adhered to if desired. eNoteFile’s powerful search algorithms provide searching based on handwriting recognition, typed text and also notated regions of pages.  Organization data fields can be fully customized, and tedious administrative forms are automatically filled out and completed. All data is efficiently stored and encrypted, and synchronizes with eNoteFile’s cloud-based infrastructure – ensuring your notation files are always available.

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