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i5 Software - Records Management for Everyone

by Productiv

Our objective is to leverage the affordability and ease of use of Microsoft SharePoint, to enable organisations to meet their compliance and organisational record keeping requirements, quickly and easily. The result is a solution that costs the fraction
of traditional systems and provides the kind of transparent user experience that ensures successful adoption throughout any organisation.

i5 - Records Management is:

- Easy to use

- Leverages Microsoft SharePoint

- Manages Physical & Electronic Records

- Enterprise scalable

- Provides rich reporting and workflow features

- Meets regulatory and compliance requirements

i5 extends Microsoft SharePoint to provide Records Management capability to international and Australian standards, and has the ability to integrate with other major Electronic Document and Records Management systems (EDRMs) such as Hummingbird and Interwoven.
Unlike other EDRMs products that are not easy to use, ours requires no additional training as it presents the information in a user-friendly format, whilst adding full Physical records management and advanced enterprise features, to provide a much more extensive

Customer benefits include:

- Records Management compliance on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS)

- i5 Software extends MOSS to provide records management functionality, built to International and Australian Regulatory requirements NAA, ISO15489;

- Physical Records Management - i5 provides Physical Records Management features built to Australian Regulatory requirements;

- Advanced Workflow - i5 provides visual drag and drop workflow capability to manage records management schedules and document flow

- Advanced Reporting - i5 provides rich reporting of usage trends and content growth.  Records Managers and IT can obtain valuable insight into EDRMs usage;

- Auditing - i5 provides full auditing of events in the EDRMs allowing organisations to easily report on who has access to what and when;

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