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iqBoard (Electronic Board Portal)

by The IQ Business Group Pty Ltd
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    Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
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    Financial Services, Nonprofit

iqBoard solution is based on the following three pillars and delivers a rich experience for both Secretariat staff and Directors:

1. Mobile devices, such as Windows 7 Slates, Android Tablets and iPads, for the Director’s consumption & annotation experience

2. A browser experience for Board document management leveraging the full collaboration features of Microsoft SharePoint for the Secretariat

3. Comprehensive backend and Mobile Device Management security together with our end-user support services

4. Premium Support Services for Director and Secretariat using onshore Support staff to ensure high quality and well educated response is provided to queries that will help Directors adapt and adopt the iqBoard app as well as learn to use the tablet device effectively.

Our offering is truly unique and delivers a complete end to end business solution, which can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud (in IQ’s Australian data centres).

Company Secretary can use iqBoard to deliver a management tool that simplifies preparation and management of all Board and sub-committee meetings. iqBoard streamlines Board management and securely manages the process of creating, publishing and delivering sensitive material on a Tablet device.

Directors will reduce their time spent reviewing Board documents by having the ability to manage all functions (including mobile / tablet annotations) electronically with governance and workflow inherent in the application.

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iqBoard improves Board efficiency

Reviewed by:IAmAPowerUser Reviewed on:23/01/2012

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