ITWorx Correspondence Tracking System (CTS)

by ITWorx

ITWorx Correspondence Tracking System (CTS) is an integrated, ready-made solution for correspondence management, that captures, retains, manages and searches for all types of electronic and non-electronic, internal and external correspondences ,received and sent by an organization. ITWorx CTS is empowered with tracking and monitoring features and is natively built for EMEA government needs.

Integration abilities with other systems and advanced security features:
CTS integrates with ITWorx Citizen Engagement Portal and MS Outlook to further speed up its adoption and make it more convenient. In addition ITWorx CTS adopts a sophisticated multi-tiered security framework with easy management of user roles and groups.

Workflow management:
All requests are assigned to (trigger) a corresponding workflow, unique identifiers, and multiple actions. Each workflow has an expected timeline, and escalation path.

Comprehensive BI tools:
ITWorx CTS boasts a selection of rich reports that contain performance indicators to reveal process adherence, deviation and organizational productivity.
Extensive search and archiving capabilities:
Any request can be easily tracked throughout its lifecycle, with the ability to search for captured documents (Meta tagging). In addition archiving is based on configurable business rules.

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