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janusNET Pty Limited

janusSEAL for Outlook

by janusNET Pty Limited
janusNET Pty Limited

janusNET Pty Limited

Email and document classification makes everyone aware of sensitivity at the moment they create a document or send an email. janusNET’s technology augments Microsoft’s File Classification Infrastructure, SharePoint and Exchange rules by ensuring all documents and emails are correctly labelled at creation, or when edited.

janusNET has two main product suites –
• janusSEAL (technology that marks/labels and signs); and
• janusGATE (technology that controls flow).

Easy to implement, simple to administer and deploy, they provide a simple and efficient way to eliminate most of the risk of data loss by addressing respectively the consequence and the likelihood of a loss event.

janusSEAL provides comprehensive classification and protection of files created in Microsoft environments, including the MS Office suites, Outlook, Outlook Web Access. Meta-data embedded in documents integrate not just Microsoft’s File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) but also other systems such as DLP and content firewalls. Integration with ActiveDirectory Security Groups allows fine grained control of organisation security policy.

janusGATE Mobile, our award winning mobile security solution, offers Mobile Email Management. It allows customers to get the productivity benefits and flexible working arrangements offered by ActiveSync without risking the loss of sensitive material. It is device independent and will work with Windows Phone 8, and other devices that use compliant ActiveSync office productivity tools. janusGATE Exchange is a message management solution effectively making MS Exchange transport rules easier to use and, for some, more configurable.

janusNET has offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.