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JayThom CRM Payment Gateway

by JayThom

JayThom's now provides a fully integrated CRM payment process with the Securepay payment gateway.

SecurePay specialises in payment-based technologies and other complimentary applications, including:

- Bill Payment
- eCommmerce payment systems
- customised payment systems.

The payment and eCommerce solutions on offer are unmatched in the Australian market. They are delivered using a range of leading proprietary developed systems that have been well tested and proven.

For over 10 years, SecurePay has been at the forefront of this field. Within this time they have progressively acquired other organisations and technology platforms that complement the core range of services. These include DirectOne and eSec.

With Level 1 Service Provider PCI DSS Compliance, they provide the most secure payment platform available in today’s market.

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