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myPHOTOart: Custom Kiosk Application

by Planet Software Pty Ltd

We provided the software that helped customer Marks & Co deliver a new business model. Conveniently located throughout Australia, Marks & Co offer Australia’s most comprehensive range of mouldings, matboards, foamboard, framing consumables and framing machinery
to the Art and Framing industry.

Since 1978 Marks & Co has been committed to the delivery of quality framing materials, superior customer service and competitive pricing. Our extensive range of products offers solutions for all framing needs.

Tim Egerton, Marks & Co Managing Director had an idea for how to increase the sales of his company's prducts. His vision was for a self-serve photo kiosk where in a few clicks anyone could convert their digital snaps instantly into a calendar, photo album or one
of the other products. myPHOTOart was born. 

myPHOTOart kiosks are based on off-the-shelf computer, network and printer technology. myPHOTOart generates professionally framed and finished gifts based on Marks & Co materials and a series of templates. 

A customer can walk into any myPHOTOart shop with a USB drive of photos and walk out a few minutes later with a photo albumn or a framed collage of trimmed photos. The store owner sells high markup products, including a strong up-sell path, rather than traditional
high volume, low margin photo printing.

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