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TWorx ON-Track web-based solution that enhances productivity and efficiency by facilitating effective strategy execution within all types of organizations.

With ON-Track Strategy Management, managers can create their strategic objectives and KPIs, set their targets, capture tracking data, and monitor the performance of the strategy.

On- Track KPI Management provides the ability to create and categorize performance indicators and cascade them across a defined structure, such as functional areas or organizational units. Performance indicators can be monitored by capturing actual data and any deviation from targets easily identified. With such information at hand, organizations can focus on improving their performance as a whole, or that of a specific department, or even the process for building a product or service.

Why Choose On-Track Strategy Management?

- One Vision – One Direction
ON-Track SM enables organizations to direct and engage staff towards goal achievement

- Accountability and Transparency
With ON-Track SM monitoring actions and achievements across all levels of the organization is easy knowing who is responsible for what.

- Agile Decision-Making
ON-Track SM provides a powerful high-level overview through several dashboards to quickly identify performance issues.

- Dynamic Strategy
As plans need to change in line with rapidly changing markets, organizations require a product that allows them to easily modify their strategy to address deviations due to internal/external changes.

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