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Retail Analytics and Merchandise Planning

by Professional Advantage

The Retail Analytics and Merchandise Planning (RAMP) system for Microsoft Dynamics RMS offers two modules designed to give retailers visibility to accurate information on sales, stock turn, and customer demand to minimize inventory stock while maximizing inventory availability.

With RAMP you can:

- Reduce the effort required to gather necessary business information to effectively manage the business.
- Decrease inventory levels due to implementation of buying controls.
- Increase profits by optimizing current inventory and reducing costs.

Retail Analytics

This module delivers analytical reporting for: identifying trends, buying patterns, and seasonality while tracking key comparable performance indicators.

Analytic measures in this module include:

- Product margin: Which suppliers offer the best margins?
- Average sales by cashier: What cashier gives you the highest dollar per transaction?
- Sell through rates by store: Are you managing inventory within optimal stock levels?
- Sales by time of day: Are you staffed when customers are buying?
- Quantity sold by style, size, etc.: What’s selling and what’s not?

Merchandise Planning

This module can extend the capabilities of the Retail Analytics module.

By delivering the information to analyze and manage inventory and buying processes you can:

- Get the right information to drive intelligent transactional processing.
- Enforce pre-set spending limits with Open to Buy controls.
- Monitor inventory and push sales before purchasing additional inventory.
- Forecast sales and seasonality to suggest transfers between stores.

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