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SaBRe – Evidence, Property & Forensics Tracking

by Hardcat

Hardcat SaBRe integrates key sources of intelligence to provide “one” transparent source of
information for the complete lifecycle of cases, events, incidents, jobs, exhibits and general property
management. The ultimate goal is for NSW Police to use a system that will help them keep our
communities safe and additionally increase the number of positive and linked identifications.

SaBRe allows an already overloaded system to manage the entire evidence and forensic process
electronically. This puts valuable resources back onto frontline operations and helps improve the
visibility of Police into the community.

SaBRe does this by:
- Automating construction of the Brief for cases, events and incidents
- Tracking the full lifecycle of forensic exhibits from collection to destruction
- Sharing forensic information across associated disciplines and authorised stakeholders
- Improved audit process around stored evidence
- Providing a single integrated approach to evidence and forensic information management and
to other existing 3rd party systems

Whilst many solutions and tools in the market address individual strategies, SaBRe successfully
addresses the full scope of the forensic information management domain. It meets the cross organisational demands of the force, from crime scene officer, investigator, forensic analyst and management via a consistent integrated approach.

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