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SharePoint LMS & Office 365 Integration

by ELEARNINGFORCE International


ELEARNINGFORCE is a software supplier with expertise in products specifically designed for the delivery of e-learning. Our primary product is SharePoint LMS which might be the most widespread LMS for SharePoint. It includes many facilities that support an efficient online learning environment.

We are a young and dynamic company founded in 2003 to deliver high quality e-learning solutions for educational, corporate and public sector institutions and organizations. All ELEARNINGFORCE products can be integrated into Microsoft technologies and IT-systems that are based upon Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

ELEARNINGFORCE international consists of offices in Denmark (HQ), UK, USA, South Africa and Australia and more than 40 business partners represent us worldwide to assist our customers locally.

Our Microsoft partnership
Since ELEARNINGFORCE was founded the relationship to Microsoft has been strong. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner but have also joined an elite group of worldwide strategic partners of Microsoft.

In 2012 ELEARNINGFORCE was appointed Microsoft ISV Partner of the year.


SharePoint LMS is a full blown learning management system that incorporates all the best features available to e-Learning today with a pedagogic user interface supported by the scalability of the Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server.

SharePoint LMS is a tool that makes online learning simple and affordable within your existing SharePoint environment. You don’t need to worry about integrating into your existing SharePoint portal, since SharePoint LMS runs seamless within the environment.

The solution offers you all the functionality of SharePoint plus the features of a traditional learning management system.

SharePoint Course Registration

The SharePoint Registration and Enrolment module for SharePoint LMS. SharePoint REM offers advanced features for the administration of access to courses in SharePoint LMS. The tool can enrich both corporate companies and educational institutions to administer learner enrolments to their SharePoint LMS courses.

SharePoint CCM

This is the new SharePoint Competency and Certification Module (CCM). The new add-on introduces competency management to the full suite of learning management tools provided by SharePoint LMS.