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SOE Portal

by impeltec

Our application is a web-based portal that allows our customers to configure and build custom SOE images for Windows 7 and Windows 8 in the cloud. A Standard Operating Environment (SOE) is one of many IT industry terms used to describe a standardised implementation of an operating system with its associated hardware, software and custom configuration, all pre-packaged for deployment to end-user devices.
Our customers require no investment in infrastructure or skilled IT resources to create an SOE image for their company. Through easy-to-use wizards, customers can select the configuration for their image, click "go" and our system will automatically build their custom image and notify them by email that it is ready for download.
We have an extensive maintained hardware model and common application library that customers can select from for inclusion in their SOE image. Our customers can also upload their core business apps for inclusion. Our solution yields a single, hardware agnostic image that has the ability to deploy to a heterogeneous multi-vendor environment, and it can be profiled for business or regional differentiation.

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