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impeltec’s core focus is delivering professional services centred the efficient build, design, deployment and management of end user devices and servers. By partnering with our customers, our services allow us to significantly reduce their CapEx and OpEx expenses, and minimise the investment in resourcing and infrastructure required to support image maintenance ongoing.

impeltec has developed a proprietary solution for Windows image creation – this is our true differentiator. Using the cloud and automation, we can quickly build and maintain a custom Windows image with minimal interaction. This reduces our turnaround time, our customers’ costs, and improves the reliability of the solution.

We offer professional services that are seen as essential components of end user device management. These include, but are not limited to, application packaging, deployment consulting and rollout, Office 365, Azure, and management of Windows and mobile assets via the cloud with Windows Intune. All our services are delivered in accordance with ITIL service delivery methodologies.