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Student-RM is an event-based process management solution that is supported by Dynamics CRM online and excels at supporting unstructured, knowledge intensive and decision driven processes like those often found in service-based industries.

These processes can be unpredictable as routing is determined by contextual information and decision making by knowledge workers rather than a predetermined workflow path.

These processes require a high level of decision support and social collaboration. Decision support is in the form of BI, predictive analytics and Next Best Action advice.

These processes are often best described as “hybrid” processes as the have a workflow-like, high-level, flow path but at the task level it resembles the ad-hoc approach of case management. The challenges with either workflow or case management tools are that they are not suited to handle these “hybrid” processes and have no knowledge worker decision support built in.

A typical example is that of Student on-boarding at Universities. There is a high level governance process for on-boarding that is complicated by scenarios where there are multiple course options. During the customer-facing steps it resembles a case style process that is dictated by the options that the student chooses and the governance requirements of the Course of Faculty. Next Best Actions may be based on legal compliance, upselling opportunities or most likely route for a given set of circumstances.

Student-RM is not just a workflow scenario but an intelligent operational process that supports decision making to ensure that operational outcomes are achieved while making sure customer service is not compromised.

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