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Syncteam is a B2B catalogue app designed for sales people to present their products and capture sales orders. This solution is ideal for distribution and wholesale companies, as well as manufacturers and other businesses that have sales force on the road who need access to complete and up-to-date product information.

Product information can be tailored into profiles to target specific customers or groups using discounts, taxes, currencies, and even product ranges. In addition to key details like SKU numbers, stock availability and pricing, products can have additional files such as PDF specs, spreadsheets, drawings, videos, etc.

All data is securely stored on the Microsoft cloud and synced to iPad which then doesn't require an Internet connection to run the app. The app will sync its data with the server on schedule or on demand. Product information, pictures, files and orders can be imported/exported via the control panel, or synced directly to/from existing ERP, accounting, or inventory system.

The catalogue colours can be easily changed via the control panel to match corporate style and bear the company logo. Optionally, the app can be published to iTunes under its own name and be available for general public.

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