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Team Foundation Server - Data Primer

by Artis Group

Artis understands that implementing Visual Studio Team Foundation Server brings significant value to the well organised development team adopting a Software Engineering approach.

One of the challenges is migrating away from legacy development support tools such as Jira and documentation wikis.

Artis has developed the TFS Data Primer as an automated approach to exporting data from your legacy system and importing into TFS. This enables the legacy systems to be switched off quickly, thus achieving the following benefits for your organisations:
- Rapid adoption of the new platform
- Reduced license and maintenance cost of multiple environments
- Simplified administrator and operations
- Eliminate process inefficiencies

The Artis development consultants can show you how TFS Data Primer can achieve quick wins for your development efficiencies project. We can also provide specialist consulting skills to ensure your use of TFS maximises your investment and achieves the development efficiencies you seek.

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