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The Equipment Services Information System for Public Sector and Large Corporations

by Open Systems Technology Pty Ltd

Open Systems Technology has developed an integrated Equipment Services Information System based on Microsoft Dynamics that is customised specifically for providers of healthcare and equipment services. 

This integrated management system includes (but is not limited to):

- Asset management

- Rentals and collections

- Sales

- Customer relationship management

- Repairs and maintenance

- Specialised equipment

- Home modifications

- Warehousing and inventory management

- Financial management and

- Comprehensive reporting and business intelligence

Delivering the right materials to the right place at the right time is essential to high-quality healthcare, but finding ways to reduce costs has also become an important imperative. The key to lowering costs is to streamline processes, eliminate inefficiency,
increase productivity, and improve decision-making. In addition, environmental performance can be gained which is an increasing concern to stakeholders.

This system:

- Manages maintenance, repair and replacement of items

- Connects delivery drivers to head office by mobile devices

- Updates information in real time

- Eliminates paper dockets resulting in reduced errors and

- Assists dramatically in reducing incorrect billing and poor customer service

Real-time availability of data means better decisions and effective follow-up especially for delayed deliveries and delayed collections, and the ability to cancel orders prior to picking.

Finance operations are automated and a single entry immediately updates across the system. Full order history is available through Web Portal and Back Office client, allowing viewing of orders for a particular client or for a single item. Full history of shipments,
invoices, payments and other details can be added with ease.

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