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by Birchman

TranscribeBI is a business intelligence document generator for Microsoft SQL Server instances, useful for rapidly summarising key design and structural information into HTML pages from:
• Master Data Services
• SQL Server Analysis Services (multidimensional)
• SQL Server Reporting Services (native mode)

For MDS, HTML pages are generated for each model and hyperlinked pages for all individual entities.

Analysis Services documentation includes a list of cubes and data sources, with linked pages to summaries of measure groups and dimensions. Each summary links to more detailed pages with measure definitions and dimension attributes, including member counts.

HTML output for Reporting Services summarises reports and data sources by folder path, and can optionally generate RDL files for each report, useful for archiving or comparison against a source control system.

Each module also generates a sitemap, hierarchically listing the associated objects and entities for a more visual structural guide.

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