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Kiandra IT Pty Ltd

Waterwatch – Cloud Based Data Management System

by Kiandra IT Pty Ltd
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    Bing Maps, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft ASP.NET
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Kiandra was engaged by the Department of Sustainability & Environment (DSE) to design and develop a custom software development, web-based solution to capture and record raw water-health data collected in the field, to improve the environmental state of Victorian waterways, and help identify and address emerging issues and dangerous health risks.

Kiandra designed and developed the Waterwatch solution, utilising the full Microsoft technology stack including Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft .NET 4.0 and ASP.NET MCV2.

Core to this solution was the need to consolidate and replace 12 existing, insufficient and disparate monitoring systems which house extensive data collected over a 15 year period.

Scientists and Waterwatch volunteers use the online application to record and monitor data about Victoria’s waterways, providing a vital data collection point for DSE while promoting awareness of the local environment and educating the community.

A signification portion of the project was dedicated to migrating and consolidating existing data sets from 12 independent data sources into a single unified historical data set. This process included:
- Pre analysis and validation of all input data sources.
- Defining a master data dictionary and target schema to provide a common agreed upon data definition.
- Creation of ETL packages to transition source to target data sets.
- Creation of test cases to post validate ETL results.

Kiandra’s application architecture and data migration for Waterwatch achieved the following project goals:
- Improved quality and consistency of the data collected
- Improved the usability of data-recording and reporting
- Improved system efficiency by eliminating unnecessary tasks and by automating repetitive tasks
- Facilitated the management of the water-quality data-collection process state wide
- Centralised the data collection and provision

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