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XMPro Pty Ltd

XMPro iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suite)

by XMPro Pty Ltd
XMPro Pty Ltd

XMPro Pty Ltd

XMPro Pty Ltd is an Australian company providing an Intelligent Business Process Management Solution (XMPro iBPMS) to companies globally who are striving to optimize their business processes and increase their shareholder value.

XMPro has recently been named as a Cool Vendor in Business Process Management 2012 by a leading analyst firm.

The XMPro team has been actively involved in enterprise business process management solutions for more than a decade. XMPro was established to build on this experience with a range of innovative process management solutions that have a strong focus on process performance measurement and improvement.

XMPro is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with sales and support offices in the USA, UK and South Africa.

We differentiate ourselves from other BPM companies by means of our innovative product, XMPro iBPMS, which handles the frustration with conventional workflow products through our dynamic process solution. Core to XMPro iBPMS is XMPro iBOS or Intelligent Business Operations Server that provides a single, integrated solution to accommodate unstructured processes (case management); structured processes (workflow and business rules); document management; application integration; Business Intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics; and social collaboration.

XMPro has a passion for process and the ability to transform process management ideas into technology enabled process management solutions. We help you to Get Better at Getting Work Done.