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NORRIQ Belgium

Drink-IT - International IT Solution for the Beverage Industry

by NORRIQ Belgium
NORRIQ Belgium

NORRIQ Belgium

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Phone: +32 16 498 115
Fax: +32 16 561 850

With nearly 70 employees NORRIQ Belgium focuses upon the implementation and the support of ERP software, BI solutions and CRM software (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and the integration of the solutions based on Microsoft technology. Besides traditional implementations, NORRIQ Belgium focuses on:

- Automotive software with its Dealer Management System (based on incadea.engine) and Drive-IT DMS, Lease, Rent and Import

- Beverage and brewery software with our Certified for Microsoft Dynamics solution Drink-IT

- Project management software with an industry specific add-on (Top Solutions)

NORRIQ takes its point of departure in Denmark, known for having the most mature market for ERP systems in the world. NORRIQ is a leading supplier when it comes to the implementation and support of business solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. While NORRIQ counts many enterprise companies among its customers, we have specialized in providing 360º services for small and mid-sized companies. Today NORRIQ is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of Microsoft Dynamics solutions with more than 8.000 customers and 400 employees in Denmark, Iceland, Belgium and the Netherlands.