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Boldon James

File Classifier

by Boldon James

File Classification - Classification and Secure Labelling for All Types of Windows Files

All organisations face the problem of controlling sensitive information that is held in different electronic formats - from text files to image files, PDFs and CAD documents. Without the ability to apply a common set of controls to all of these types of sensitive material there is an increase in the risk of data leakage, a challenge that can be met with information classification software.

File Classifier puts file classification labelling at the heart of data loss prevention by giving users the ability to apply relevant metadata labels to any file held in Windows® file store. This metadata can then be used to provide consistent control over the dissemination of that information - increasing the effectiveness of data loss prevention measures and meeting key objectives of international, national and industry standards.

Product Benefits
• Classifies any type of file
• Enforces information assurance policies
• Raises user awareness of security responsibilities
• Improves data loss prevention (DLP) measures
• Controls unstructured information
• Helps meet key objectives of industry standards

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