HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

by MAPILab

The ultimate web-analytics solution for sites and portals based on SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2007. HarePoint Analytics reports cover such aspects as visitors and their behavior, documents and content usage, traffic sources and trends, search services usage and many others. For instance, a report titled Documents by department will allow a company's management to evaluate how document sharing technology is being adopted across departments. Reports on document usage or page views will help the audit team to get to the bottom of such questions as who deleted a document from what PC and under whose account.

Report groups of HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint:
- Users activities and visiting dynamics
- Intensity of usage of site pages or site collection. - Creation and usage of documents.
- Lists and list items usage.
- Usage of SharePoint search services.
- Databases and their size.

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint major features and benefits:
- Seamless integration without modification of content.
- Compliance with laws on personal data collection. - Drill down and cross-linked reports.
- Customizable Dashboard.
- Reusable filters and customized reports.

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