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MS Dynamics CRM for NGO`s

by TechnoLogica EAD

Customer Relationship Management is a combination of business strategy and operational activities to find, attract, retain and nurture high-value customers through effective and efficient management of the interaction with them throughout their life cycle.

In today's world of demanding and well informed customers, the management of the data about the relationship with them is almost impossible without the use of a suitable software system for customer relationship management (CRM).

An advanced CRM system usually contains a combination of the following functional modules:
- Management of data on individuals and organizations
- Marketing management
- Sales management
- Customer service and support management;
- Reporting and analytical tools

Depending on the product, each module may include a set of specialized functions (standard or further developed by the vendor) so as to fully satisfy the needs and requirements of a specific customer.

There are both general purpose CRM systems and specialized solutions for various vertical markets (financial institutions, retail sales, sale of medical products, government administration, telecommunications companies, etc.).

Regardless of the type of application, the implementation of a CRM system usually requires integration with the information and communication infrastructure of the organization, meaning the already existing software systems, such as ERP, Billing, Helpdesk, etc. Such an integration provides for the automatic exchange of data between the participating systems, which significantly increases the efficiency of employees and reduces human error.

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