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NAVtrans is a specialized add-on to the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV, designed to cover all business processes in companies involved in transport, freight forwarding and logistics. NAVtrans tracks and manages the main processes associated with all transport activities through a single database for analysis, planning and budgeting of finance.

NAVtrans modules for reporting, sales orders, transport and vehicles are fully integrated with the standard modules of the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This gives employees a complete view of the company activities and allows more rapid and effective tracking of deals, sales order, route, etc. In addition, the standard financial module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an easy accounting and valuation of the vehicle amortization.

NAVtrans helps making accurate management decisions through a real-time information tracking of the most important elements of the activities in the transport company. Multiple reports based on a detailed information for each transport or freight forwarding deal are being generated - income and expenditure for the carrier, route, travel pass, a part of the destination and more. With these reports it is easier to evaluate the effectiveness of the route, vehicle, destination, driver, carrier.

NAVtrans key features:

Sales order management

• Requests for transport and freight forwarding
• Information for goods, loading and unloading points, pallets, linear meters, number, etc., for each request
• Rating
• Routes registration
• Billing

Performance management

• Route administration
• Registration of basic shipment data - route, vehicle, driver, start and end fuel tank and more
• Reported Route Passes registration
• Costs, revenues, profitability at a route monitoring

Fleet management

• Types of vehicles (Board, Hopper, Bus, etc.)
• Purchase accounting
• Detailed characteristics - weight, length, width, height, tank capacity, load capacity
• Repairs accounting
• Compositions defining
• Defining a responsible driver for each vehicle
• Reminders -for insurance payments based on time and distance, for the replacement of oil, tires and others - based on the itinerary, time and distance traveled

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