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OneNimbus 2SQL

by OneNimbus

Jasco 2SQL delivers a number of unique business benefits by enabling solutions for today’s most important business challenges:

- Significantly shorten deployment timeframes for
Office 2010 and Windows 7, especially within
organisations that have legacy Access databases
(which previously required significant time to

- Move Access data to both on premise and the Cloud
quickly and cost effectively. Organisations will be
able to leverage the Azure platform and move data
to the Cloud at a significantly reduced price point,
when compared to performing the same migration

- Apply Business Intelligence insights and anytime
access to data previously held in a single location.

- Centralise and apply oversight to Access data for
compliance purposes.

- Retain the capabilities of MS Access while upgrading
to the power and flexibility of SQL.

- Support multiple Access users and ensure end user
productivity remains intact even after data is
migrated. Jasco 2SQL retains Access as the front
end even after the database is converted to SQL
(on-premise and in the Cloud) so there is no end
user retraining required.

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