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Accelerated Discrete Manufacturing Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Solution - iDart

by Ideaca

The Ideaca iDart solution, based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP platform, provides a cost effective, state of the art, fully scalable manufacturing ERP solution focused on discrete repetitive manufacturing which will allow mid-size manufacturing companies to have access to the information they require to compete more effectively.

- Preconfigured, fully integrated manufacturing system that provides out of the box functionality at a reduced cost
- Scalable solution for discrete manufacturing that can grow with your business
- Fully integrated with Microsoft Office enabling higher user adoption rates - people can work with tools they already are familiar with
- Drives improved business performance by delivering the tools and information needed to streamline processes, reduce waste, improve customer service and promote continuous improvement
- Significantly reduced TCO ensures a strong ROI

What Areas Can We Help With?

Our solution provides a fully integrated and scalable solution that is able to grow with your organization:

- Flexible production planning
- Optimized planning to minimize inventory while meeting customer requirements
- A single, real-time view of data from multiple departments
- Improved order fulfillment rate
- Improved ATP (Availability to Promise) accuracy
- Accurate quotations based on a real-time view into operations

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