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Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics AX© (ADAX©) /from Thinkmax

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Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics AX© (ADAX©) from Thinkmax
ADAX Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics a comprehensive distribution solution with extended capabilities from TVH Consulting and distributed in Canada by Thinkmax, an authorized reseller for ADAX. It is built on the Dynamics AX platform and integrated to the AX applications. The value added vertical sector solution is used by distributors, wholesalers and/or manufacturers of consumer products (food and non-food), office suppliers, household equipment, professional equipment, as well as those in pharmaceuticals/cosmetics sector. ADAX is CFMD Certified for Microsoft Dynamics that ensures the sustainability of the vertical solution and compliance with Microsoft development standards.
ADAX provides for:
• Horizontal functionalities for needs associated with multichannel distribution, transportation management and automated data capture for stock management.
• ADAX delivers vertical functions meeting larger scale distributors and retail suppliers needs
• Continuous cost control ensuring reliable forecasts while managing client & purchase needs
• More effective management of dealer - client programs as discount, loyalty..
• Supports extended ecommerce B2B and B2C requirements
Thinkmax’s Microsoft AX practice has successfully deployed ADAX with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP to meet certain extended distribution client sector needs. Thinkmax is a designated distributor for ADAX in Canada. Please contact us for further information.

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