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Altus Dynamics Analytics - Advanced Excel-based Reporting

by Altus Dynamics

Having the ability to report on the data held in your financial system is key to providing the critical information needed to run your organization on a daily basis. Altus Dynamics Analytics is an Excel-based reporting tool which utilizes the principles of OLAP Cubes and is capable of rapidly extracting data for the purposes of reporting on financial data from any SQL database application, in the same way as Microsoft Dynamics NAV does. It can be used to produce Board reports, general management reports, funder reporting, as well as more detailed operational analysis.

Some key features of Altus Dynamics Analytics:

- User friendly, intuitive UI: As an Excel-based tool, users will find it intuitive for data dissection and analysis. Dashboards make digesting the information easy and role specific
- Personalization: Altus Dynamics Analytics drag and drop approach allows users to create personalized views, simply and quickly. Report screens also come pre-loaded for quick access
- Deployment Flexibility: You have the option to leverage this tool either Hosted or On-Premise, subject to the IT strategy you have in place
- You don’t need a NAV license: As Altus Dynamics Analytics pulls information at the SQL database level, you don’t need a NAV license to ‘look’ at the information which saves costs

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