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Elite Model Management System

by Infusion

Our product, Elite Model Management System is a business user resource management application that allows for the real time booking, scheduling, and tracking of modeling assignments in a server based environment. It is built using a complete range of Microsoft technologies and software including Windows Vista, Windows Presentation Foundation, Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile, Windows Mobile, SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services, Exchange 2007, Gadgets for Windows Sidebar, and Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Server.

Elite Model Management now benefits from a system where all key data is centralized into one source - an asset not offered by their previous system. Now armed with seamless access to all necessary information, Elite Model Management benefits from:
- Centralized information (includes, billing, scheduling, commissions, and expenses)
- Improved Efficiencies (reporting once took one week and three data sources, but now can be compiled instantly with one seamless source)
- Increased accuracy
- Easy to use: The application leverages Microsoft Office as a front end, so users are already familiar with it
- Improved ROI - faster tracking means a savings of resources and ultimately capital

Elite Model management can now track the status of each model regardless of location or time-zone. By utilizing windows mobile, a model can gain up to the minute access to appointments, without having to go onto a specific website or phone Elite Model Management. For Elite Model Management, real time tracking also means real time reporting, and in turn a more efficient billing process.

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