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ComputerTalk is a leading provider of contact center and speech IVR products, CEBP applications, and cloud services for Microsoft Lync. We are a premiere SaaS hoster with a growing global reseller network, offering managed, private, and white labeled cloud services.

ice is a Lync qualified, software only, all-in-one contact center product that runs as a native part of Lync topology.

ice features include: ACD, speech IVR, social media, email management, quality monitoring and call recording, web chat and instant messaging, analytics and reporting, outbound alerts and surveys, native CTI and CRM screen pops, and WFM integration.

With Lync embedded in ice, it allows for unplugging of TDM PBX’s at a fraction of the cost of competing products.

Our application solutions and services allow banking, finance, government, health care, and many other industries to reduce cost while increasing competitiveness.

We are a Microsoft Gold partner in Communications and Application Development, Communications partner of the year in Canada, and Online Service Advisor.

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