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Hitachi Solutions Canada, Ltd.

Integrated Back Office ERP for Professional Services

by Hitachi Solutions Canada, Ltd.

The next generation Professional Services organization is faced with a wide spectrum of business imperatives and challenges to ensure on-going success and profitability. Flexible technology solutions designed specifically for project-based organizations have aided best-in-class firms in establishing the optimal balance of maximizing customer satisfaction, running a streamlined operation and constantly increasing the efficiency of services and internal processes.

Our Approach to Back Office ERP for Professional Services:

-An integrated back office solution to support project-based organizations throughout the entire lifecycle.
-Core ERP functionality in addition to advanced project management, billing, resourcing and reporting functionality such as budgeting or utilization reporting.
-Reporting and business intelligence tools to enable client and project-related analysis for informed decision making.
-Real time client, contract, budget and project management details to monitor progress and cost overruns to take corrective action.
-Tight control of processes through centralized management of project structures and accounting operations such as billing.
-Client-specific invoicing, billing models (T&M, fixed cost), expense rules and change orders.

What Areas Can We Help With?

The adoption of new technologies is effective in helping firms achieve benefits across the key pillars of project management, financial management and financial reporting. Ideaca has experience helping Professional Services organizations effectively manage business operations through a fully integrated solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

-Robust budget creation, revision and tracking
-Configurable client profiles and templates
-Web-based, workflow-enabled time and expense entry
-Adaptable revenue recognition and project billing rules

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