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Thinkmax has deployed Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) to many of our Microsoft Dynamics business solution clients supporting their need for relevant business management and operational insight that supports more timely decisions. The solution empowers users of all levels with new insights through familiar Microsoft tools that deliver access to all data types across structured and unstructured sources. It is a complete and integrated BI offering with delivery of predefined metrics, dashboards and performance indicators by business process, operation and sector. Microsoft BI leverages the functionality and ease of use of Microsoft Office tools as Microsoft SharePoint to deliver powerful and comprehensive analytical capabilities.

At ThinkMax, with our MethodMax approach, we assist our clients by first defining the information and metrics that will lead to better decision-making and then implementing the solutions that will deliver this information. With Microsoft Business Intelligence and Microsoft Dynamics, our consultants deliver analytics, dashboards and the reporting with specific operational results measurement that matter to the client whether a distributors or process manufacturer.

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