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Hitachi Solutions Canada, Ltd.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for Manufacturing

by Hitachi Solutions Canada, Ltd.

Ideaca's Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for Manufacturing delivers capabilities around financials, order management, inventory, MRP and planning, manufacturing and production scheduling,HRM, and reporting.

The Dynamics AX ERP solution for Canadian manufacturing companies can be integrated into nearly every function of your business, from the sales and quoting process to material planning, shop floor control, quality management, outside services, procurement, scheduling, shipping and logistics, customer service, finance and human resource management.

Ideaca's Manufacturing ERP solution provides:

Full visibility into operation and transactions
-From summary date, decision-makers can drill down to transactions that form the fiscal and operational audit trail
-Real time visibility into status of all processes from quote to cash
-Ability to automatically notify decision-makers when scheduled activities fail to occur on time

Inventory Control
-Increase inventory turns to help better manage operating capital and cash flow
-Responsiveness and flexibility in your inventory while maintaining high customer order fill rates
-Solutions to help manage long lead times of materials while minimizing current on-hand inventory

Improved insight into the performance of your business
-Direct costs from raw materials and labour through to overhead allocations
-Indirect costs ensuring visibility and careful management of SG&A costs
-Accurately predicted product costing, supporting more knowledge based sales decisions
-Integrated view of supply chain allowing you to minimize inventory while improving customer satisfaction

Better regulatory compliance
-Tighter financial controls for financial compliance declaration (Sarbarnes-Oxley and Base II) as well as other forms of compliance reporting

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