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Hitachi Solutions Canada, Ltd.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Integrated Field Services for Oil & Gas

by Hitachi Solutions Canada, Ltd.

Field Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX is an end-to-end field services management system. It can efficiently integrate customer, business, and operational information, making that information accessible to both office and field staff as needed for maximum efficiency in work scheduling, assignment, completion, parts inventory management, equipment management, reporting, and billing. The solution optimizes decision-making with automated best-fit matching between service requests and resources, and it streamlines management of contracts, service-level agreements, and resources.

What Areas Can We Help With?

-Empower employees with timely, integrated information and resources
-Optimize work performed, work scheduling, assignment, and dispatch processes
-Streamline work order life cycle management
-Enhance tracking and management of personnel, assets, and contracts
-Boost profitability and customer satisfaction for a competitive advantage

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