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Navantis Community Municipal Portal

by Navantis
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    On-premises Application
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    Intranets, Extranets, Portals
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    Microsoft .NET Framework
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    General - Applicable to All

Navantis Builds Communities that Click! Shifts in public demands for local services - citizen expectations are increasing – Citizens want more for the taxes they pay. There is an expectation that services will be delivered with the same level of proficiency as the private sector. The Navantis Community Municipal Portal offering is a framework (Built on .NET) designed to help local government meet the unique needs of their citizens. Fiscal stress due to declining local tax base Grant seeking capacity is low. Workload for providing essential services has increased. Changing public views on government accountability. Increased social complexity = requirement for more complex institutions for governing. Increasing pressure on local government to deliver better service but operate more cost-effectively (manage tax dollars effectively). Keeping up and serving the needs of a growing population – e.g. Most midsized US city populations increased by an average of 13 percent during the 1990s, faster than the most larger cities. Service quality - Disconnected departmental systems. Municipal budget cuts are disproportionate to spend e.g. In the US, for the 2002-2003 fiscal year, increases in spending over increases in revenue were 3.1 percent greater than in the previous year. Youths leaving. Jobs/Businesses losses. Poor communications among levels of government. How to effectively utilize the Internet once access is gained. How to advance the capabilities of communities and increase the education of the workforce without having to leave the community. Sustaining tourism. Business Issue the Solution Addresses The CMP Solution helps local government; The Navantis Community Municipal Portal offering is a framework designed to meet the unique needs of local government. Establish/improve their online presence. Realize their eGovernment (portal) strategy. Facilitate improved management & delivery of information and services to citizens. Promotes transparency between government & citizens (enable policy/initiative success, foster greater reach and citizen connection). Enables local government to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. Value of the Solution to Customers Personalized Gateway to information & services, organized around life events, not around organizations providing service. “Citizen-centric”. Cost-savings – e.g. ~70% every time a service is moved online. Source; PTI (Public Technology Inc.) Increased operational efficiency – automation, content management, citizen self service and eCommerce capabilities. Improve G2C relations & transparency: online polling, virtual town halls, anytime anywhere access to council agenda/minutes etc., Enables collaboration – dissolves departmental borders enabling interdepartmental collaboration and information sharing. Improves productivity – reduces administrative tasks and processing time, paper, and human error.

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