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Messageware Incorporated

OWA Desktop for Outlook Web App/Access (OWA) & Office 365

by Messageware Incorporated

Messageware OWA Desktop is a desktop client for Outlook Web App and Office 365. It brings OWA webmail functionality to the user’s desktop, mirroring the desktop Outlook experience, but with the added benefit of a thin client. OWA Desktop gives users complete control over their OWA session from their desktop, regardless of whether their company is using Microsoft Office 365, a third party Exchange hosting company, or has deployed Microsoft Exchange On-Premise.

OWA desktop provides users with real-time and interactive new mail and calendar notifications that allow users to read, reply to, forward, and delete new messages directly from the notification window!

With access and control from the desktop, OWA Desktop gives users one-click access to the inbox, calendar, and task lists, and also allows for quick composition of new emails, appointments, and tasks!

By allowing users to access and interact with their OWA and Office 365 email accounts without having to login every time they need to read or send messages, OWA Desktop provides a more efficient and richer messaging solution at a fraction of the cost of dedicated software. It gives the user all of the functionality they have come to expect and depend on from Outlook and goes a step further by providing time-saving features not found in native desktop Outlook

OWA Desktop features include:

- Advanced New Mail and Calendar Reminder notifications
- One-click access to the inbox, calendar, and task lists
- One-click composition of email messages, calendar appointments, and tasks
- Easily manage multiple email accounts
- Simplify migration to Office 365
- Import & Export personal contacts
- Import religious, corporate, and national holidays
- At a glance status reporting
- Automatic setup of one or many email accounts

Acquire Messageware OWA Desktop on its own or in conjunction with Messageware ActiveSend in the Messageware OWA Client Suite.

Messageware OWA Desktop integrates easily with On-Premise, Office 365, and Hosted Exchange environments, and is available for Exchange 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

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