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Hitachi Solutions Canada, Ltd.

Performance Monitoring Dashboards for Professional Services

by Hitachi Solutions Canada, Ltd.

Leading Professional Services organizations maintain and monitor growth with tools to:

-Identify top clients and why they buy. Focus on organic growth to boost revenue and sales through existing profitable customer relationships
-Segment and profile top tier customers and create a top client program to incent and reward loyalty
-Identify issues, flag and monitor client accounts gone awry – take corrective actions more quickly and minimize potential losses

Ideaca’s Approach to Performance Monitoring Dashboards:

-Dashboards in-a-box, supported by advisory and implementation services to deliver tailored views for finance, operations, sales, delivery and executive management to monitor a number of operational KPIs
-Accelerated solution envisioning, design and build with our proven reference architecture for Professional Services organizations
-Rapid deployment via 20+ pre-defined dashboard and report templates
-Integrated software offering to support project-based organizations

What Can You Expect?
Leading Professional Services organizations continually strive to optimize business efficiency and operations. The adoption of new technologies is effective in helping firms achieve benefits across the key pillars of project management, financial management and financial reporting.

Our solution delivers baseline cubes and report templates that include:

-Finance, project, resource cubes
-Client, project, resource profitability
-Standardized WIP reports
-Standardized Aging AR Reports
-P&L statements with “slice and dice” capability

Our experienced team of consultants coupled with our solution accelerators and an integrated software offering from Microsoft are all critical components to minimize your risk, optimize your performance and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Visit our website below to learn more or call 1-866-816-4332.

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