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Personif - a Rich Online Video User Experience

by Infusion

Personif, a Windows Azure based solution developed by Infusion, is a rich online video user experience and technology that enables companies to directly engage the web’s personalities, raw talent, and “netizens” while capturing relevant consumer information in a guided two-way conversation. Based on the revolutionary application of Microsoft technologies, Personif is especially suited for government and public organizations to provide an online, interactive platform for engaging local or national constituents.

This technology allows various industries to “cast” their specific needs in a video environment that is more contained and managed than the “open ocean” of YouTube or other social networking sites. Examples include web-based virtual town halls for municipalities enabling council to ask the local population for feedback on a particular issue. Financial service organizations can directly engage their customers with targeted questions, and even HR departments can create online interviews as a pre-screening process! This exciting new technology offering helps Infusion maintain our reputation as technology innovators.

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