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Retail Banking Application for Microsoft Surface 1.0 and 2.0

by Infusion

Infusion’s revolutionary retail banking application on Microsoft Surface provides an interactive learning experience for bank clients to improve their financial knowledge and learn about bank products through audio queues, animation, and an easily understood natural user interface.

The new retail banking store changes the way customers are presented with choice, knowledge, and advice. The Surface application creates a welcoming, personal, and informative experience for the bank to connect with customers, products, and services, while helping customers increase their financial literacy.

The application is not only an effortless means of transferring knowledge from the bank to the customer, but also a method of transferring information back to the client – a completely new paradigm for financial services conversations. Some of the largest banks have used this Microsoft Surface concept to bring to life a dramatically new retail banking environment, combining best-in-class retail shopping with financial services.

The Surface application has a beautifully designed home screen that draws the initial attention of users, presenting interactive objects that represent common areas of concern to typical banking customers. Tools available include investment calculators, profiles on branch staff, a chance to win an instant prize, a coin dropping application showing the difference between accounts, and interactive puzzles for children.

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Screenshot 1 out of 1