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Auto Tagger for SharePoint - Automatic Content Categorization

by Layer 2 GmbH

The Auto Tagger completely automatically categorizes SharePoint items and documents in background using taxonomy-based managed metadata, tags or terms organized in the term store. By default SharePoint 2010 / 2013 offers a manual tagging feature only.

Features and benefits:

- Increased productivity and precision while tagging SharePoint items and documents automatically based on given taxonomies / managed metadata.

- Auto Tagger could be helpful for initial tagging, e.g. after content migration from any system to SharePoint 2010 / 2013, as well as for daily background operation.

- Helps to manage SharePoint libraries that have more than 5.000 items (list view threshold). Content classification using enterprise metadata is the only way to overcome these limitations, but assigning metadata cannot be done manually with such large document sets.

- Taxonomy entry point (root node) is automatically chosen with respect to the current meta data column settings.

- List items are processed as well as documents and files located in SharePoint libraries.

- Properties of list items and documents are considered for tagging.

- The context of items and documents, e.g. site, list, library, folder is considered for tagging.

- The document or file textual contents are considered, if IFilters are available.

- Use of categorization rules is supported (e.g. one term is in document content while another term is not). High performance Microsoft .NET Framework bases rule engine with RegEx support.

- Fully integrated in out-of-the-box SharePoint tagging.

- Flexible background operation settings.

- 100% SharePoint 2010 / 2013 technology.

The SharePoint Auto Tagger is available as component of the Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint or separately. The solution comes with a robust installer to allow it to be easily deployed within any SharePoint environment. It is available for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 / 2013 (any editions). There is a free Shareware Edition available for download.

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