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PeopleSource Recruitment

by emediaIT

PeopleSource Recruitment (PSR) is a complete recruitment software solution that stores, organises and provides all the data and functionality necessary for recruiters to manage and co-ordinate their business. It is a "virtual recruitment desk" which recruiters will use in the execution of their daily functions to improve efficiency, reduce costs and make more placements.

PeopleSource Recruitment works well for both small & large companies. It is an integrated solution that allows you to focus on your core business functions while effectively and efficiently removing many of the tedious tasks involved in the administration and management of your information.

Features include:

- Candidate, Client & Position Management
- Applicant Tracking
- Temporary & Contract Staff Management
- Website Integration
- Online/Offline Capability
- Automated Importing & Exporting
- Microsoft Office Integration
- Integrated Calendar & Contact Management
- In-Depth Reporting & Analysis

PeopleSource Recruitment Express (PSRE) is a web based front end for PeopleSource Recruitment. It allows candidates to register via the web, submit their CV information, search/apply for positions and for that information to be automatically available within the main application. PeopleSource recruitment users can also publish positions to PeopleSource Recruitment Express and track applications for that position.

The Business Intelligence module for PeopleSource Recruitment provides critical Custom Reporting and Performance Information at your fingertips. Create your own reports quickly and easily. View custom reports and track progress from anywhere. Gain further insight into your business.

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